Psychic Reading

59Online psychic readers have probably heard it all. But there are some things you shouldn’t ask a psychic in a live online reading and some things you definitely should ask. It’s helpful to know how to phrase your questions as well. This will ensure that you get the best from your psychic reading.

Many online psychic readers are not comfortable answering questions about health. This is because most of them are not doctors and to answer medical questions could be construed as practicing medicine. Questions relating to pregnancy, fertility, STDs, and the like are better addressed with your medical practitioner. It’s not that a psychic can’t answer these kinds of questions, because some online psychics are also medically intuitive. But to ask these questions in an online reading is just not appropriate in most instances and most online psychics won’t answer them. For the same reason, posing legal questions to an online psychic falls into another gray area, and some psychics won’t answer those either.

What you should ask about is relationship issues, career issues, money issues, business partnerships, family issues. There are some very good empaths online who can tune right in to what another person is feeling and thinking about you. And that can be helpful for you to know if you need to make imminent decisions. Ask about your future as well, but do it in a specific, rather than general way.

Phrase your specific questions in a way that the psychic can tune in quickly and bring you back an accurate answer. For example, do not ask broad ranging questions such as “Do you have any messages for me?” Ask instead “Does my father, Chris, who crossed over in April have any advice for me about what to do regarding my career?” Do not ask “What am I supposed to know?” Ask instead “What exactly do I need to know about my job situation?” Ask “Will I get a promotion or a raise and when?” Ask “When will I get another job?” Ask “Should I move to Arizona or California?” instead of “Should I move?” If you’re involved in a lawsuit, ask what the outcome will be. Ask if you will prevail in any upcoming legal battles. Do not ask “What’s going to happen in my life?”

In terms of relationships, do not give a false name about someone you’d like to know about. This can result in inaccurate information being brought to you. Ask “How do you see the relationship between me and so and so shaping up? Does it lead to long term commitment? Or is it just a temporary fling? How long do you see us staying together? Do we have real connection there? Or is our relationship just about lessons?” Ask if the person has genuine feelings for you. If you’re looking for your soul mate ask “Do you see anyone new entering my life and when?” Ask if they know the person’s name as well. Ask then if this person is your soul mate or not.

Ask “What should I do about my sick mother? Should I put her in a home, should I hire a caretaker?” Do not ask “When is my mother going to cross over?” Ask if there is anything you need to clear up with your mother. And then do so.

Do ask for clarification on lessons you are currently working on. Do ask what you need to know or do to make those lessons easier or bring a cycle to a conclusion. Ask for time frames. Some psychics can furnish these. Some can’t. Some throw out names and dates just say they do so. That is why it’s important to take notes during an online psychic reading. Then you can refer back to your notes to see if the psychic’s predictions have come to pass or not. We are definitely attached to knowing when and how. While an online psychic reading can sometimes help you with that, be aware that we do change things with our free will. So time frames can shift depending on what you do or do not do. Now that you know what to ask and how to phrase it you’re ready for to call for your online psychic reading. Enjoy!


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